How Long Should Humans Live?

According to modern science, human beings are designed to live between 132 and 168 years with happiness and health. Unfortunately, most people live only half of that given life and their live span is cut drastically short due to poor eating habits resulting in life-shortening disease and illness.

The enlightenment and wisdom have time

If it is not the time

You can't see, hear, and accept it.

Whatever you do

Whatever you choose

All that you do is your share

Any idea

No matter what the behavior

This all

This is because the share of the self

"60 90 20"

Let you meet the moment

Let you know the moment
First 60 years,  ready to forward

Next 90 years,  joyful earning time

Remain 20 years,  heavenly to heaven

                                          - Tong P. Kim -